Funeral services

Among the many activities that the Funebre Funeral Center agency will be able to design and implement for you are:

  • Funeral monuments of all kinds and sizes
  • Slides for cinerary and ossuaries
  • Slabs for burial recesses
  • Family tombs of all kinds and sizes
  • Restructuring and maintenance of existing tombs or monuments
  • Provisional small gardens for ground burials
  • Fotoceramics
  • Souvenirs or souvenir prints
  • Personalized thank you cards

Our partner has a wide range of products for funerary art such as:

  • Bronze statues
  • Accessories in bronze, marble or steel
  • Decorative panels in any material
  • National or foreign granites
  • Domestic or foreign marbles
  • Paintings on marble or granite
  • Mosaics and artistic stained glass
  • Bas-reliefs on marble or granite
  • Any type of pantograph or hand engraving.

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